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Deans' Mission

As the Campus Dean and the Dean of Students, we are responsible for the intellectual and cultural life of the campus and the quality of the student experience. For the Dean of Students, this means busy weeks counseling students on academic and personal issues, advising student clubs, and working with colleagues in Student Affairs. For the Campus Dean, it means working daily with faculty and student organizations, developing programming and events, and collaborating with other deans, directors, and administrators overseeing undergraduate education.

Our joint purpose is to make sure the campus has a "mission" to which all students and faculty, in whatever major, department, or program, can connect. We call ours "Global Engagements: What You Need to Know to Live in the 21st Century." The idea is not to create one story out of the great diversity of Rutgers, but to offer a framework for linking different interests into joint efforts.

College Avenue is the home of many arts and sciences programs and majors. Many students are told by friends, family, and teachers that they should "make a difference" in the world. At the same time, others tell them they should "make a living" with their university education. But are these two things really different?

The answer is around us all the time in lectures and labs, the clubs and activism of students, and in service, whether in business, politics, medicine, sciences, research, or the arts.

We want to showcase these energies and commitments by opening up campus-wide and university-wide conversations on what we call "The Business of Doing Good." We are supporting partnerships, events, and learning communities that draw students and faculty together around projects of experiential learning, activism, social entrepreneurship, teaching and research. We hope these will be a part of "everybody's business," and that we will be able to do well for our own communities by doing good as we meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Matt Matsuda, Campus Dean
Tim Grimm, Dean of Students

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